How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

How to get rid of skin tags is probably not a question you would ask a friend. But here I will give you all the relevant information on how to get rid of skin tags either at home or at the doctor’s surgery. Most people would ratherdo so in the privacy of their own home due to embarrassment. The methods used to remove skin tags are straightforward and easy to perform.

There are a couple of easy methods used to remove skin tags. These are as follows:

  • The first method is to get a piece of string and tie it tightly around the base of the skin tag close to your skin. This method cuts off the blood circulation to the skin tag making it die. It will blacken and fall off after a few days.
  • The next method you can use to get rid of skin tags is to cut off the tag yourself. You need a pair of sharp scissors and antiseptic to sterilise the area that the tag is to be removed from. After sterilisation you need to cut the tag as close to the skin as possible. The area that is cut will bleed and sting. This area needs to be kept clean and dry to help minimise the risk of scarring.
  • Another method and probably the least painful to use is skin tag removal cream or lotion which is painless to the skin tag. The skin tag removal product will dry up the skin tag making is easily rubbed off.

Most people due to the fear factor and the thought of hurting oneself will go to their doctor’s surgery to have their skin tag removed. It is essential that any piece of skin that does not look normal is checked by your doctor to rule out anything sinister. This includes anyone who wishes to remove their skin tag at home, they must get it checked first to clarify that it is actually a skin tag. The doctor will clean the area with antiseptic and will probably rub some numbing cream onto the area that the procedure is to be performed. The doctor will remove the skin tag by cutting it off with a surgical blade or scissors. The doctor will clean the area and give you information on how to keep the area clean and free from infection. There will be possible scarring as the skin is being cut, but by going to your doctor you may minimise this risk.

How to get rid of skin tags is easy if you follow the instructions above. Removing the skin tag at home may seem madness by some, but if you do it properly it is an easy procedure. Skin tag removal at your doctors is probably the method that most will follow due to the fear factor that the skin growth could be cancerous. Do not be afraid of skin tags – they are harmless and easily removed.

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